Share safety instructions with family, friends, pool supervisors or neighbors.

Make sure that the pool installer or vinyl liner changer affixes the safety stickers to the liner (inside the pool above the water level, or prominently displayed on the pool's exterior structure).

The owner must explain pool safety rules to all bathers, especially those using the pool for the first time. To help users remember the safety instructions, we suggest that they reread the pool stickers on a regular basis.

The pool step or ladder must be securely fastened to the pool structure. At all times, a safety mechanism must prevent any person, especially a child, from gaining access to the pool water, otherwise please ensure that the ladder is removed after swimming.

Never swim alone.

Alcohol and drugs do not go hand in hand with safety. People under the influence of alcohol or drugs should not be allowed in the pool.

Adult supervision of bathers is required. Never take your eyes off the bathers, even for a few seconds. Appoint an adult supervisor in your absence. Make sure you and your supervisor can intervene within 10 seconds when danger is imminent.

When a child goes missing, always look first in the pool.

Be proactive to avoid drowning or disability.

Pool owners and supervisors are strongly advised to take a course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

WARNING: A winter or sun cover is not considered a safety device that can prevent drowning or permanent disability. When swimming, please remove the sun cover completely: it could prevent the bather from breathing when rising to the surface.

Make sure you have adequate first-aid equipment, such as a pole with hook and a lifebuoy, near the pool.

Make sure a working telephone is within easy reach of the supervisor. NOTE: If 911 service is not available in your area, please ensure that the emergency services number is easily accessible.

Certain accidents caused by the filtration system can occur when swimming:
Hair can be sucked into the bottom drain or skimmer. SOLUTION : make sure bathers with long hair wear a bathing cap.

Fingers, toes, jewelry and bathing suits can get caught in the bottom drain. SOLUTION: Make sure the drain cover is present and in good condition.

Belly, back or lower back may stick to the drain. SOLUTION: make sure the drain suction is shared with the skimmer or completely closed.

The electrical circuit must comply with your local electrical code.

When swimming at night, a lighting system must be installed so that you can see the pool, the ladder, the safety instructions and the route to and from the pool.

All electrical appliances must be installed at a sufficient distance from the pool, so that anyone climbing over them cannot reach the pool structure or water.

The pool deck should be free of objects at all times to avoid tripping or slipping.

Keep toys, chairs, tables and other objects at least four feet away from the pool for better access.

Don't let anyone sit, climb, stand, dive or jump off the edge. It's important to be able to see the bottom of the pool at all times, otherwise you'll have to correct the water clarity before swimming.

General information

Your pool may be subject to premature wear and tear if not properly maintained. This could lead to structural failure of the pool, resulting in the release of large quantities of water, causing damage, injury and even death. Before installing your pool, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with your local building code, zoning regulations and electrical code, and determine whether a building permit or electrical work is required. Your local bylaws may require that your pool be installed within certain setbacks, that you install a fence or other device, or that you comply with other specific requirements..

A WARNING : All components such as the filtration system, pumps and water heater must be installed in such a way that they cannot be used by anyone to enter the pool, which could cause them serious injury and even death.

We are not responsible for incorrect installation of your pool. We are not affiliated with any pool installer and assume no responsibility for damage resulting from improper installation by the purchaser or a professional installer. The purchaser must supervise the installation of the pool to ensure that installation methods are in accordance with the installation manual included with your pool. Stickers «DO NOT DIVE DO NOT JUMP» and «PREVENT DROWNING» are supplied with your pool. They must be affixed to the inside wall of your pool, above the water level. Anyone entering the pool should be able to see these stickers. If you need additional stickers, you can order them by filling out the Contact Us form on the Contact Us page.

Safety equipment

For your own protection and the safety of others, we recommend that rescue equipment be accessible at all times. We recommend that you purchase the following equipment:

A light, strong, rigid pole at least 4 metres long, or a rope at least 0.6 cm in diameter and at least one and a half (1.5x) times the width or diameter of your pool. The rope must be securely attached to a Coast Guard-approved buoy with an outside diameter of approximately 40 cm.

Ladder safety tips

Although we don't manufacture ladders, the proper use of a ladder is part of the safety measures involved in using your pool. ANSI standards require all pools to be equipped with a fixed, compliant pool ladder for entering and exiting the pool. The buyer must follow the pool ladder manufacturer's installation instructions.

Please observe the following rules when using your ladder:

  • One person at a time
  • Swimmers must face the ladder when entering or exiting the pool.
  • Do not dive or jump from ladders or decks
  • Check every bolt regularly to ensure safety
  • Inform other bathers of the rules for using the ladder